Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tuesday Randoms

Hi friends! This triple digit weather has kept us super busy, if we aren't on the go we are out in the yard soaking in the pool! I haven't had my camera on me much these past few days, but I have been loading pix here and there on instagram! I am addicted! It is the simplest way to stay connected and I love it! I feel it is so much nicer then logging onto FB these days and seeing a bunch of junk posted every where, it's all about the pictures!  Plus, you don't waste any time, it's SO FAST paced!
Do you Instagram? Look me up, "Valerie8clary".

What have we been up to? Last Saturday we wanted to get out and have some quiet time together, so we headed up to our favorite little town Fallbrook! I just love this town, it brings back so many memories and is so close even though you feel like you are hours away from the city. We also got married in this town :) We started off with a few little home boutiques and a barn sale on our way in to the main square, then we made our way to our favorite antique store! I scored the greatest deal on a spiral topiary, you know I love me some topiaries! I have had my eye on this exact one online and in the fancy catalogs ever since we moved in, but I would NEVER pay what they go for which is typically $150 or more for this size and quality.

 I am all about a bargain, and I was very, patient and finally found exactly what I wanted for an amazing deal! I still have to paint the urn a new color but haven't decided on what yet.

We ventured deeper into the town and found some cute little stores on the edge of a creek. Days like these are truly my most favorite, I love the little moments that make for the best memories!

Photo: Antiquing and exploring w/the favorite kinda day!!!

Let's see what else? On the Emma front, she has been doing amazing in school! She loves going to see all her friends and teachers, she looks forward to the days she goes and is learning so much! I am so amazed at watching the little changes in her and how she catches onto things there, it is precious to pick her up and learn new things through her eyes!

Last week before she started school we did some of her favorite things, one of them being baking! No one LOVES cake more then this little girl! We got up early one morning and baked chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and later that day made cupcakes too! She was so thrilled! As we got dressed for the day she was playing in her drawers and demanded to wear a tutu, I definitely wasn't going to stop her!

I just eat her up! These are the moments I will never forget, even if there was a huge mess to clean up, I will have these memories when she is all grown up and too cool to hang out with "Auntie".

This past weekend we enjoyed getting a lot done in the yard, another favorite activity we love to do as a couple! We have been doing so much that we haven't had a chance to do the maintaining part of the flower beds, so we did just that~ and lots of it!

Sunday Christine, Kevin and Emma came over for a bit to swim. I made some fruity drinks and we splashed around in the pool. I caught some cute pictures of Emma as she got in and out and was playing with Uncle Loui :)

We are busy bees as we near the end of summer, and August is going to fly by! We are preparing for the arrival of sweet Hudson, my sister is having a BOY! It's crazy still to say that :) I am getting ready for her "Sprinkle" shower to celebrate with her. I am so excited for the family time, and out of town family including our sister Melissa and Martina is coming out with her family from Arizona! :) Lots of fun pictures to come : )

Love, Valerie

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  1. Fallbrook sounds great! I've been bugging my husband to go there and I'm crossing my fingers we'll make it out there some time this fall. Love the topiary! Blessings, Dani